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The Road Between Homes. Co to Ca (& Back)

Already deep into the chilly Colorado fall and with the first snow having not yet arrived I decided to take one last multi-state solo ride from Colorado to California (and back).

Knowing the weather could change at any time on this 9-day ride, I opted to take the direct route to Los Angeles. Hopping on i70 in Denver and heading out through the colorful Rockies and across Utah, breaking off onto 15 south in western Utah down through the corner of AZ (Virgin River Gorge), cutting through Vegas, NV and on into California. 15 took me south to Pearblossom Highway where I cruised alongside miles of Joshua Trees, eventually hitting 14 south which took me to my parents place in Santa Clarita.

Having friends out in Ventura, CA I took a ride out to the beach and stayed with them for a night before heading back to the SCV.

My return to Colorado was 4 days long. Two of which I basked in the beating sunshine of CA, AZ, and Nevada. My final two days were a blur of Utah-cross-winds, hail, rain, and the icy chill of the Colorado Rockies. All in all it was a fantastic trip. I was able to see friends, family, and took in some of the gorgeous views the wild west has to offer.


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