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Jonny Gringo and Stephan joined me on a kickass cruise to and from Estes Park where I ROAD TESTED my NEW OHO Sunshine HD Video Sunglasses!

Note- in this video I’m not wearing a helmet which is unsafe and not recommended by me in any way. In many states it is also illegal to ride without a helmet. Wear a helmet. Just because I chose to be an idiot doesn’t mean you should too. It could save your life!

HD: 1080p/30fps or 720p/60fps

Memory: 32gb built-in Battery: 1 hour recording time

Audio: Great OFF the bike. Drowned out by the wind ON the bike.

Waterproof: Advertised as such but haven't tested. They are very sturdy though.

Overall, I'm super satisfied with these glasses! Bought them on Amazon for $120 and worth every penny!

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