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Helping a fellow human cross the street on my morning commute.

I started vlogging on my daily commute for a couple reasons. 1. If things go south on the road I want to have proof that I wasn't at fault. 2. Safety. I am terrible about wearing my helmet and I'm sick of catching shit from all my loved ones about being safe. My mic is installed inside my helmet so by default I'm forced to ride with head protection if I want to vlog.

Just as I pulled into Denver a guy in a wheelchair was struggling to cross the street. I blocked traffic for him for a minute before parking and helping him up to the sidewalk. Took all of 2 minutes(ish). That said, if you find an opportunity to help someone out, take it. It usually doesn't take much time, you improve someone's day, and you feel good about it. Just some food for thought.

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